In collaboration with the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators’ Network (MAFN), Shift Facilitation is presenting a live webinar. You’re welcome to join us, the event is open to non-MAFN members.

Masterful Facilitation: Discovering the Strengths of Your Unique Style

February 9th, 2018
12:00-1:30pm (ET)
Event Details and Registration:

Benefits of Attending
Are you an experienced or aspiring facilitator who wants to take your game to the next level?

Moe Poirier, Founding Partner, from Shift Facilitation will be sharing The Five Personas concept and tools. His mission is to help us unlock one of the secrets to how a skilled facilitator adapts to the needs of their participants and animates exceptional meetings and learning experiences.

What to Expect from the Session
Come prepared to experiment and explore. During the session, you will work to:

  • Understand how skilled facilitators engage audiences and animate learning experiences with the Five Personas of Facilitation
  • Discover a unique view of your core facilitation strengths through the Five Personas Benchmark assessment tool

Session Objectives
The core outcomes will be for you to:

  • Begin the process of identifying a set of core strengths in your facilitation style
  • Understand the basic principles for how to apply the Five Personas in your facilitation practice


Moe Poirier is the Founding Partner of Shift Facilitation. For over 15 years, he has honed his craft as a facilitator and a designer of training. He is on a mission to have corporate trainers reinvent themselves as change agents and value creators in their organizations.